Arizona Climbing and Adventure School (ACAS) is the leading climbing and adventure-education organization in the Southwest.

We are looking for diverse people with varied experience, and have a particular need for experienced and seasoned rock climbers, canyoneers and people with wilderness experience who love working with adults and youths.

Quality is at the core of our 25+ years of success. Staff members and instructors embody and exemplify our founding principles: challenge and adventure, compassion and service, social and environmental responsibility, character development, and learning though experience. Applicants with training from
Outward Bound Wilderness and/or the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Project Adventure (PA), certification from Professional Climbing Guides Institute (PCGI), American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA), Wilderness First Responder and a degree in Outdoor Education are preferred.

As a leader in wilderness-based hands-on education, we hold our staff to a high standard of professional performance. From program design to on-course instruction, our staff involves students in challenging and personally rewarding adventures.

ACAS field staff are dedicated, skilled individuals who choose service, education and adventure as their career. Our field staff are the heart and soul of every course and their leadership, talents and insights will add depth to the course experience. Field staff return to work for our organization because of the students’ lives they touch, the friendships they build with co-workers, and for the mentoring, investment, and inspiration our communities provide.  

Each instructor is required to maintain Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid with CPR First Aid certifications. Instructors are selected based on their teaching, personality, life and outdoor experience.

NOTE: Most positions are located in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona area and are contract labor plus percentage and tips.

rock climbing / canyoneering instructors (open - part-time only)

Seeking a PCGI or AMGA Certified Top Rope Site Manager or Single-Pitch Instructor (or will train) to work for the 2017 Season. Minimum of 3 years climbing experience including a diversity of areas and a minimum of 60 days outdoor climbing per year. Wilderness First Responder or WFA and CPR certification required. Demonstrated ability in the following: managing top rope sites safely and efficiently, group teaching and leadership, knowledge of climbing equipment, natural history, environmental consciousness, judgement and decision-making, improvised rescue, general outdoor skills. EEOE.

Guide Related Expectations
• Manage small groups of clients in top rope settings
• Lead private and small group trips that may include day and overnight rock climbing, canyoneering, hiking, backpacking, camping and general wilderness skills.
• Lead extended overnight trips
• Respect and enjoy the desert environment
• Enjoy people and teaching climbing and canyoneering with enthusiasm for client safety, comfort and entertainment
• Competence with awareness of strengths and weaknesses, sound judgment and decision-making skills
• Tolerance and patience for adversity, diversity and uncertainty
• Timely and reliable
• Ability to give and receive constructive feedback, sense of humor
• Ability to quickly establish climbs and to select appropriate terrain
• Maintain high regard for client safety and client experience
• Learn client expectations and strive to meet them
• Develop appropriate curriculum for each client based on skills and ability
• Provide clear and direct explanations and instructions
• Relate local knowledge including natural and cultural history
• Demonstrate and promote minimum impact practices (LNT) and environmental awareness
• Provide leadership, instruction and medical care during an emergency
• Inspect and maintain equipment
• Review and complete related client paperwork

Salary: Is contract labor minimum $50 per day to maximum of $475 per day (depending on group size and trip)
(No benefits or housing at this time but a possibility for short term)

adventure facilitator

The mission of ACAS is to foster individual and team growth in an environment that is fun, safe and respectful. Using experiential activities, we provide opportunities for youth to make positive choices, gain self-confidence and learn skills that are critical to their lifelong development. These programs empower youth to experience and practice leadership, teamwork, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Facilitator’s Responsibilities Include: Delivering direct service adventure programs for school aged populations. This is an on-call pier diem position. We are looking for individuals who have a strong facilitation background, and comfort and talent in working with diverse groups of school aged populations.

SKILLS NEEDED in the following areas:
• Ropes course facilitation and/or top rope climbing
• Cooperative games
• Project Adventure (PA) or Outward Bound Certification
• Problem solving initiatives
• Knowledge of adventure models
• Individual must have current First Aid and CPR certification.

Benefits include:
• Dynamic work environment
• Competitive daily rate
• Diversity of work opportunities
• Flexible days
• Networking with experienced outdoor educators

wilderness and climbing instructor
apprenticeships / internships

Available year round for up to 7 months. We offer a number of internship opportunities for qualified college and high school students interested in the fields of adventure education, backpacking instrucor, map & compass/gps instructor, guide service management and outdoor business management. Typical internships involve exposure to the various aspects of operating an outdoor program and adventure leadership center. In addition to day to day activities, interns are expected to each develop a focused project which is followed through from conception to implementation. Our internships are not fluff - they are true experiential education - you will be making real decisions with real consequences. In return, you take home many new skills, experiences and insights that will prove beneficial throughout your career.

Working with a mentor, each intern will develop unique goals and expectations that are mutually beneficial to the intern and the organization.
Sample internships:
Outdoor Leadership / Climbing and canyoneering instruction - provide detailed oriented instruction in climbing, canyoneering and various outdoor activities, apprentice with PCGI or AMGA certified guides.
Wilderness Medicine - instructor support for WFR, WFA, Benefits:

This is a cooperative work exchange providing skills and guidance to an aspirant guide or intern in lieu of monetary compensation.   Ocassional stipends may be provided up to $250.00 / week.

For more info on the above jobs call us at 480-363-2390.


Arizona Climbing and Adventure School is a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the spirit, courage and exploration of the Southwest. It is an initiation into the unexpected, a chance to accomplish something very exciting and to discover strengths you never knew you had. Additionally, the Arizona Climbing and Adventure School provides education in wilderness skills and working effectively with others.

The heart of the Arizona Climbing and Adventure School (ACAS) resides with its instructional staff. Every course bears the mark of its instructor's leadership and vision. ACAS instructors are dedicated educators, caring and skilled in a number of disciplines. Whether leading a technical ascent or explaining the nuances of desert ecology, these men and women form the backbone for every course.

Instructors are selected for their maturity, judgment, teaching experience and outdoor skills. A genuine interest in people and love for teaching are as important as an extensive climbing resume. Our select instructors are AMGA, PCGI, Leave No Trace (LNT), EMT and Wilderness First Responder certified. Many have worked at other outdoor educational organizations and schools such as Prescott College, the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) or Outward Bound. Their years of climbing, canyoneering and teaching have made them unequalled in safety and experience. Climbing and wilderness adventures are more than our business, it's our way of life!

To achieve a high learning curve among our students we keep our groups small in size. We consider the impact on the safety and flexibility of the group above all. Everyone knows that large groups and large student-to-instructor ratios are what make money for a guide service. But we feel that groups and ratios compromise the safety, enjoyment and success of individual participants. Better for you and better for us.

Having smaller groups also means you receive more attention and guidance from our professionals when you need it the most.

What we teach: The skills that clients and students must learn in order to safely and ecologically negotiate the terrain, climate and altitude in which our courses are offered include:

• safety skills for travel through rigorous terrain.

• how to pack a backpack.

• physical fitness

• competence with map and compass, gps, route selection, navigation.

• rope use and knot tying, bowline, water knot, square knot, clove hitch, half hitch, figure eight

• basic first aid so that every student can handle reasonable emergencies and recognizes and aid in treating illness related to altitude, hypothermia, fatigue.

• rescue preparedness

• rock climbing, belaying, backpacking, canyoneering, rappelling, anchors.

• campcraft including minimum impact camping, ecological considerations, wilderness cooking, food selection and nutrition.

• water purification, hygiene and sanitation.

• care of equipment, ropes, clothing, packs, etc.

• environmental stewardship and Leave No Trace (LNT) techniques.

• safety from storms, flash floods and lightning.