Grand Canyon Guided backpacking trips and guided hikes that go beyond just roughing it - learn, explore and have the adventure of a lifetime! We are the leader in Grand Canyon adventures since 1989.
For thousands of years, the Grand Canyon has been tempting humans into its wonderous and distant depths. From the ancient Archaic Period Indians, to the Anasazi; from John Wesley Powell’s 1869 Colorado River exploration, to the many annual visitors who come to peer into its vastness and beauty. But for some. those who choose to challenge - mind, body and spirit by backpacking into its sepia heart, the Grand Canyon’s name truly comes to light!

Grand Canyon Journeys is own and operated by the Arizona Climbing and Adventure School, the leading outdoor adventure-skills company in the Southwest since 1989. We offer Grand Canyon backpacking trips and guided hikes with a purpose. Our goal is to inspire and provide meaningful outdoor adventures that also teach you valuable skills while providing an incredible experience for everyone - Grand Canyon backpacking at its best!.

It is a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the spirit and exploration of the Southwest. It is an initiation into the unexpected, a chance to experience something very exciting and to discover strengths you never knew you had.

The heart of
Grand Canyon Journeys resides with its staff. Every trip bears the mark of its instructor's leadership and vision. Our guides and instructors are dedicated educators, caring and skilled in a number of disciplines. Their years of climbing, backpacking and canyoneering have made them unequalled in safety and experience. Whether leading a technical ascent on a vertical rockface or explaining the nuances of geology and desert ecology, these instructors and guides form the backbone for every trip.

Lastly, we plan your trip with the care that we take with planning our own trips. We treat you to the same experiences we look for ourselves - rewarding, fun, unique and memorable.

So be ready for anything. Get personally invested. Get excited. Get ready for one of the truly great outdoor experiences of your life!

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