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High Price for
LTE Rush;
Ten Deaths Just This Year From Wireless Tower Worker Falls

Sometimes the price of progress is higher than we think behind the scenes. The big wireless companies have been pushing High to quickly get their LTE networks deployed. That rush has resulted in ten falling deaths from wireless tower workers just this year alone. In fact, just last month saw four of those ten deaths. This is a huge spike and is now being investigated by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).

For some time, being a wireless tower technician is considered one of the most deadly occupations when tracking the death rate per 100,000 employees; however, this rapid increase can only be accounted for by the rise in competition between wireless companies trying to beat each other to market with a wider LTE coverage area. Here's a quote with a few more details,

"OSHA is taking a close look into factors that may be responsible for this tragic increase in fatalities and, based on those findings, we will initiate additional measures to improve safety in the cell-tower industry," said David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health.

OSHA has estimated there are roughly 10,000 workers in the U.S. communication tower industry. Ten deaths may not seem like a huge number, but it is enough proportionally to rank the industry among the deadliest in the country.

In 2008, citing data from 2006 when 18 tower workers died, OSHA said tower climbing was "the most dangerous job in America," ranking it above occupations such as fishing and logging. Fatalities had declined since then, with only one death recorded last year.

The rise in tower fatalities comes as preliminary data from OSHA show overall workplace fatalities are down in the nine months that ended in June.

We would like to take a moment and thank all of the folks out there brave enough to tackle this dangerous and difficult work.

Get the proper training and be safe out there.

High Access Safety and Rescue Training (HASART) team can help you perform specialized work in confined or difficult spaces and at heights. Our team of specialists use a variety of rope access training techniques that will allow your crewman to perform certain activities in high environments and hard to reach areas -Think of wireless antenna towers, vertical mine shafts, elevator shafts, bridges, buildings, etc. We are a member of the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) and also incorporate American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) certified instructors within the training and safety management of our courses.

Rope access is widely used in situations where access by other means is difficult or impossible, such as in wind turbines, towers, etc. High Access Safety and Rescue Training (HASART) may undertake work in many different locations and can be used for various activities in a variety of industries, construction, confined spaces, etc. 

Depending on the environment, it may also be possible to provide a support team to complement your existing team so that these people can carry out specific activities for your team, where your team is not equipped for.

We can also train your team to safely and confidently perform high access tasks themselves - from Roof Edge Rescue to Anchor Systems to Technical Rappelling and Rope Ascension skills. In addition to running operations, we also advise whether we can protect your worksite so you can continue your work. 

As one of the few High and difficult access teams in the Southwest, High Access Safety and Rescue Training (HASART) can be deployed as a stand-by rescue team immediately so a rescue can be done in case of emergencies. HASART also specializes in rescue at height and confined spaces The members of HASART have extensive medical knowledge, so they can apply first aid directly. 

If desired it is also possible to only deliver expertise for  specific business to complement your incident management process. For example, you can alert an external consultant to give you a consult that can assist you in  large-scale or complex emergencies and who can advise you on specific fields. 

Because safety is our main concern, we conduct the work according to working conditions regulations and legislation. Prior to every project we developed a risk analysis. We only work with certified people, equipment and materials. 

Height Safety, Industrial Rope Access & Rope Rescue Training

HASART are specialists in training, equipment and services for working at heights, industrial rope access, height safety for towers and cranes and rope rigging and rescue.

Our speciality is in providing high quality training that is tailored to our clients needs.  Our training courses are designed and delivered by professionals.  People who still actively work at heights and in the industrial rope access industry.  These same individuals can also use their expertise to help you assemble the most appropriate set of height safety or rescue equipment for you or your employees.

In addition, HASART is available for difficult access work, expert advice on rope rigging and height safety issues, standby rescue, installations and accident investigations.  So no matter what your height safety, working at heights, industrial rope access or rope rescue need is, let us help.

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.... Difficult Access Work, Installations, Consultation and other services.

In numerous places in the industry, construction or historic buildings it is not possible to use standard tools such platforms to perform an intervention. Often these places can only be accessed through the use of fall arrest equipment or through the use of technical rope rescue to ensure the safety of rescuers. This requires well-trained teams
who know how to work safely.

HASART has extensive experience in training professionals in the use of technical rope and High access safety techniques - Including the Bureau of Land Management, Arizona National Guard, as well as Northrop Grumman repair crews on their new Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV). We have also provided instruction for the Tempe Drilling and Blasting crews on how to safely and effectively manage a variety of rappelling, rope ascension and anchor setups for their business, Our staff have been responsible for rope and anchor rigging for film and production crews with the History Channel and on the set of 127 Hours.This can range from providing a basic training in the use of a roof set or dealing with fall arrest resources to the training of a specialist rescue team who can preform evacuations from High and Hard to reach places such as building towers or tower cranes.

Customized Height Safety Training
Here at HASART we are never happy with offering our clients a standardized height safety training course.  Instead, we take the time to talk to you so that we can adapt our working at heights training, work positioning training and tower climbing courses to suit the needs of your company and your staff. It's amazing how many of our clients have had to reassess their training needs once they’ve spoken to us. So why not call us before you make assumptions that may cost you time and budget funds?

Industrial Rope Access Training
Need Industrial Rope Access Training and certification?  If you are currently in the rope access industry and require additional training, or are simply looking to join in, HASART offers certified training courses for Level 1, 2 and 3 candidates.

Safety in the industrial sectors is almost impossible to think these days. Industrial accidents are expensive and there are a  lot of hidden costs involved. Every employee and manager should have a good basic knowledge about safety in on workplace.
In both the petrochemical, construction as other sectors there is a increasing demand for courses on safety in the workplace. HASART offers some excellent courses to enlarge your knowledge of safety.

Many accidents and near misses are due to a lack of knowledge or insufficient awareness of the risks to those carrying out the work or directly involved.  

HASART's Safety, Access, Health and Environment (SAHE) Training
The checklist is a comprehensive questionnaire that is used as a screening system for contractors who perform work for clients. In fact, SAHE is more than a checklist. It is a versatile and complete program that allows service providers objectively and structurally tested and certified on their SAHE-management.  

The SAHE certificate is a useful tool to demonstrate at one time that your business meets most demand of safety, health and environment. This prevents contractor and clients from undergoing a variety of actions to ease the concern for safety, health and environment. That is, after all been arranged in advance. The usefulness of the certificate is also the necessity of having the certificate. Therefor, many clients simply have the SAHE certificate as a condition for implementing organization to allow them to perform work for the clients.

Following SAHE basic provides employees without managerial position a thorough understanding of what safety in the workplace is and what their task is here. SAHE for managers not only deals with safety in the workplace, but also the role of the leader here.

HASART employs permanent staff to run the operation and provide a base service to our clients. With this permanent staff, combined with our sub contractors, HASART is able to provide a very efficient and professional service. HASART has a proven track record for providing prompt service to meet our clients needs. A number of our clients require a 24-hour response time to emergency breakdown work. HASART has consistently met (and frequently exceeded) this requirement.

HASART utilizes a wide range of the latest equipment for Fall Protection, Rope Access, Confined Space and Rescue and is able to access an extensive range of products to fulfill your equipment requirements.

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