Mark Brontsema
WMI/WFR Certified
LNT Certified
NOLS Certified
Colorado Outward Bound Certified

SPRAT Level III Instructor,
Dan Janssen
WMI/WFR Certified

HASART Director,
Mike Knarzer
SPRAT Certified
WMI/WFR Certified

Climbing Instructor,
Climbing Site Safety Manager

Jared Bryant
AMGA/SPI Certified
WMI/WFR Certified

The heart of High Access Safety and Rescue Training (HASART) resides with its instructional staff. Every course bears the mark of its instructor's leadership and vision. ACAS instructors are dedicated educators, caring and skilled in a number of disciplines. Whether leading a technical ascent or explaining the nuances of desert ecology, these men and women form the backbone for every course.

Instructors are selected for their maturity, judgment, teaching experience and outdoor skills. A genuine interest in people and love for teaching are as important as an extensive climbing resume. Our select instructors are SPRAT, AMGA, PCGI, Leave No Trace (LNT), EMT and Wilderness First Responder certified. Many have worked at other outdoor educational organizations such as the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Their years of climbing and teaching have made them unequalled in safety and experience. Climbing, rescue skills, rappelling, anchor systems and high access training is more than our business, it's our way of life!

Our company philosophy has always been to "access the inaccessible" to solve difficult access problems for our clients, complete the job in hand safely and to the highest standard possible. We believe that we can carry on delivering this service by means of training, in both rope access skills and trade skills for our staff. Continual improvement of industry based knowledge, especially using our standing as a SPRAT member and with over 12 years of industrial high access instruction, help us to achieve high standard's in height safety. 

Our courses are a blend of theory and practice. We utilize a variety of time tested teaching principles from the Society of Professional High Access Technicians (SPRAT) and the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). Our courses and workshops are designed to allow you to learn by doing, safely and effectively.

We hope you look forward to being with us as much as we look forward to having you!


Mark Brontsema, director
Marc Ronzeiha, office staff

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