Safety, Access, Health and Environment (SAHE) Training
Courses are held in Scottsdale during Fall, Winter and Spring and near Prescott Arizona during the summer months. You can fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to access either of these areas. We can also come to you and do the training - Call us for more info on travel planning.

HASART Level I - Condensed Two-day Course:
Day 1 & 2
(Knots, Equipment, Belaying, Ascension Techniques, Rappelling, Anchor Systems, Self-Rescue):
This course covers all the same instruction as the three-day course but is designed for smaller group sizes - Great for those teams that are unable to devote three days from their work schedule. Call for dates and further info.

Cost: $845 per person plus $50 non-refundable equipment useage fee. Three person minimum class size.

HASART Level I - Three-day Course:
Day 1
(Knots, Equipment, Belaying, Ascension Techniques):
Curriculum begins with our specialized "ground school", in which we focus on the basics.

This includes:
.... Balance
.... Weight distribution
.... Energy conservation
.... Risk Management
.... Height/Fear Of and Control Management

These confidence-building exercises in balance, fear management, scaling technique and trust are key to your individual progress on high towers.

Our instruction also includes detailed explanations on:
.... Equipment - proper use & care
.... Knots
.... Safety protocols
.... Hands-on belaying
.... Communication signals
.... Terminology

The remainder of the day you are on top-rope protected climbs of up to 150 feet on high angled surfaces. Superior and personalized instruction makes for a quality learning experience.

HASART Level I - Three-day Course:
Day 2 (Rappelling, Anchor Systems):

A vital and essential part of Industrial Rope Access.
After a brief review of the basic fundamentals, it's back to our high angled site to learn the fine art of setting up a safe and effective rappelling system. Done right, rappelling can be a very safe and effective way of high tower descent. Part of the initial thrill is fear, at least for most people. HASART gives the student the opportunity to feel the excitement while at the same time learning and understanding the techniques involved in high safety anchor systems and rappelling.

We'll cover the basic top rope anchoring system concepts. Also included is information on ropes, carabiners, webbing, cordelettes, harnesses, rappelling devices and more.

As you continue to refine the basics, you'll encounter new and varied systems that can be utilized on high towers, buildings and bridges.

HASART Level I - Three-day Course:
Day 3 (Self-Rescue Techniques and Management):

This course will help prepare you to handle high tower or building emergencies. It is taught from a climber's and high tower worker's perspective - offering practical solutions to real situations, involving the kind of gear you will need to use and carry. While we hope that you will never have to use these skills, we are certain that the knowledge gained will make you a safer climber (and better climbing partner). Happily, many of these skills are transferable to aid climbing, canyoneering and mountaineering.

.... Belay Escapes: We will focus on the "foundation" skills of vertical self rescue. We will start with friction knots and then put them to use as we learn how to escape a belay and ascend / descend fixed ropes.

.... Rappel Rescue: In this course, you will learn how to approach an injured or stranded crewman, attach them to your system and lower them to the ground. You will also learn how to execute counterweight and two person rappel rescues.

.... Hauling Techniques:  An in depth exploration of hauling systems including 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, and 6:1's.  We'll go from a belay escape to a hauling system and back again.

Cost: $995
per person plus $50 non-refundable equipment useage fee. Three person minimum class size.

Basic Tools for Self Rescue
Friction Hitches
1. Prussic
2. Klemheist
3. Auto Block
4. Practice

Munter and Munter Mule
1. Mule backups
2. Practice

Mule Knots
1. Out in Front ATC
2. On Spine with ATC
3. Backups
4. Practice

Releasable Lowering systems
Tail of rope
1. Backup with drop through
2. Standard backup

Mariners Knot
1. Double sling
2. Cord

1. Belay positioning
2. Extended

Belay Escapes
1. ATC belay
2. Redirect
3. Waist/hip Belay
4. Gunk's Belay
5. Practice each

Simple Haul systems
1. Assisted 3:1
2. Unassisted 3:1
3. 5:1 Redirected
4. Practice

Self Rescue Course
Perquisites - Review

1. Friction Hitches
2. Belay Escapes
3. Hauls
4. Spider Rappel and backups
5. Rope Ascension
6. Practice

Lowers and Knot Passes
1. Knot Pass on Lower
2. Knot pass on Rappel
3. Knot pass on Raise
4. Emergency Knot Pass on Rappel
5. Practice

Full Scenario (second rescue)
1. Belay Escape
2. Backup and Rappel
3. Stabilize Victim
4. Re-Ascend rope
5. Rig for Counterbalance Rappel
6. Execute Counterbalance
7. Establish Anchor
8. Transfer Victim (releasable)
9. Tie In
10. Retrive Ropes
11. Reset Rappels
12. Practice

Note: All students should have basic first aid and CPR certification prior to signing up.

Our staff and instructors have NOLS/Wilderness First Responder and AMGA certification


..$995.00 per person (3-Day Level I Course) Private courses available
..$845.00 per person (2-Day Level I Condensed Course) Private courses available
..Minimum 3 person groups (standard or private)

..See schedule near the bottom of this page

..Class Size
..Minimum 4 (for standard rate) - Maximum 4 - 6 per one Instructor

..Group discounts (20% Off for 5 or more)

..19 and Up

..Included (harness, helmets, rappell devices, etc.) except daypack
..We suggest you bring your own gear to familiarize yoursellf with it though

..Scottsdale or Prescott depending on season

..6:00 am - Summer / 8:00 am - Fall /Winter/Spring

..Written Test


..Course Info .
Pre-Course Info including our Fall Protection/Rescue Plan & Testing Materials
.and Gear list will be emailed to participants upon course sign-up

..Skills/Learning Factor ....Very High

HASART also has specialized one and two-day certification courses covering one or two of the
described areas of training above. Call us for scheduling and private course rates. Depending on the season, courses are held in Scottsdale, Prescott or Tucson.

Schedule 2019HASART Level I Three-day course
Call for Level I Two-day course schedule


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Established in 1989, we specialize in providing multi-disciplined rope access training services to a wide range of industries throughout the Southwest. Rope access techniques contribute significantly to solving high or difficult access problems, in a wide range of environments.

Through our experience of challenging high-level and difficult access work, we are able to provide lateral planning and operational solutions to both private and government sectors.

Our training helps your crews to install unobtrusive, rope access systems which minimise disruption at ground level, enhancing site flexibility and maximising overall site productivity. Our rope access teams offer a single source supply, combining both access and skills.

Our multi-skilled work force of technicians are competent in all rope access techniques, having been trained and regularly re-certified under the internationally recognised Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) standards. As a company, we are proud of our full membership with SPRAT, which was gained through extensive initial assessment and is continually maintained through training, development and periodic audits.

For each project, we prepare clear and concise work method statements, risk assessments and safety audits. Our occupational health and safety (OHSA) policies and safe working procedures are in accordance with all regulations.

To ensure that our clients receive ongoing value, we are committed to providing superior customer service, driven by our experienced contract management capabilities, combined with our skilled, flexible, and highly responsive operational teams. This has provided us with strong long-term customer relationships.

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