You wake up. You go to work.
You’re stressed out, you take a Xanax.
You’re burned out. You go home.
You’re hot.
You turn on the air conditioner. You’re cold. You turn up the thermostat. You’re hungry.
You open the refrigerator.
You ache.
You’re tired but can't really sleep.
You’re bored.
You turn on the TV. nothing's on but commercials. You check Netflix but you've seen all those movies.
You download another app for your iPhone, iPad or Droid. You turn on your computer. You search the web, add a friend you don't know on your Facebook page, you try and fill out the 100 questionaire on match.com but the person you're describing isn't really you.
You go shopping. You find temporary distraction for your life.

You’re dying and don't realize it.
You’re not that old and you're dying of empty distractions.


Mind, Body & Spirit (MBS) Renewal Adventures

“It is not only the most difficult thing to know oneself, but the most inconvenient one, too. Human beings have always employed an enormous variety of clever devices for running away from themselves, and the modern world is particularly rich in such stratagems.”
– John W. Gardner

With a choice of either six or eight days this adventure offers both transformation and renewal - It has long been a favorite among those who want more than just a typical adventure. We combine adventures of the mind and body with adventures for the soul, to create true health from the inside out. Approximately half the course is canyoneering the rest rock climbing, yoga excercises and meditation at the start and end of each day.

One of the best kept secrets of the Utah desert lies in the deep, narrow canyons carved into the rock by eons of rain and flash-floods. Called "slot-canyons", they are passageways into the seldom explored desert, figuratively and literally, narrow slices in the rock sometimes so high the cobalt sky looks like a fine thread in a world of red and sepia colored rock. The landscapes surrounding these canyons are both exotic and timeless.

All athletic ability levels are welcome! In fact, we design each day so that everyone is challenged only to the level they are comfortable, and every activity is optional. For physical activities, we form small groups to make sure each person receives individual attention, coaching and encouragement, as they want it.
What To Expect
You’ll drench your senses and commune with nature for a week of renewal and fun that will send you home feeling vibrant, strong and awake.

Each day, you’ll wake up in a comfortable sleeping bag and tent with stunning canyon views. We will start the day with a hike, followed by a healthy, delicious breakfast. Then, each day is a little different.

Our adventures include seeing magical canyons, cool running rivers, magnificent landscapes and breathtaking views on wonderful hikes, learning orienteering skills, and experiencing a canyoneering and rock climbing to build up your self-confidence. Mind, Body & Spirit Renewal Adventures include in-depth work on discovering our Heart’s Desire and living the life we want, journaling, speaking to find our true voice, and much more.

Mindfulness Exercises
Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. It is also a set of techniques and methods for systematically developing this awareness. The practice of mindful awareness has a variety of well-documented impacts, including a reduction in toxic stress, an increase in emotion regulation, and an improvement in sustained attention, focus and executive functioning. The central objective of the course is for participants to have the tools necessary to continue their mindfulness practice after the course completes.
You will learn:
• The basics of mindfulness meditation
• How to work with thinking that arises while practicing mindfulness
• Techniques for meeting and navigating intense emotions
• Practices that cultivate positive states of mind like gratitude, kindness, joy & compassion
• The role mindfulness plays in communication and interaction
• Support for developing a daily sitting practice

We focus on building health and fitness from the inside out. .

Cost: $2,195 MBS (Eight-Day)
Cost: $1,750 MBS (Six-Day*)
Discounts available for groups - save up to 20% off

Six-Day MBS Workshops all start on the same date as the Eight-Day MBS Course but end two days earlier.

Mind, Body & Spirit (MBS) Renewal Adventures include:

“Climb to the threshold of your own beliefs not with the statements of others,
but with the footsteps of your own experience.”
– Anonymous

• Expert training tips for every athletic ability. We will explain things in a way that is relevant to you!

• You'll have the opportunity to participate in a rock climbing and rappelling course – a mirror for life's challenge – which develops confidence and individual vision (depending on the time of year we usually spend two to three days developing your climbing skills and the rest exploring the labyrinths of steep walled slot canyons.

• You will learn hands-on skills through exploring a variety canyons throughout the area utilizing your new found climbing and rappelling skills. A one or to day hike may also be included.

• Incredible climbing, rappelling, hiking and canyoneering in some of the most beautiful settings the Southwest has to offer.

• Small group sizes for all activities and all ability levels.

• Individual, personalized professional instruction and guidance, safe supervision of all activities and heart-felt support from our staff.

• Nutrition for the mind, body and spirit. Learn about nourishing yourself with healthful foods, as well as supportive internal messages about your body to help you feel good from the inside out.

• Amazing expansive views will free your spirit.
Heartfelt discussion and sharing, visualization, journaling and creative activities.

• We’ll help you overcome obstacles and unleash the courage to live your dreams.

• You’ll discover a process to identify and realize your HEART'S DESIRE. This can stick with you for a lifetime and always be a pillar of support for you.

• Participate in daily stretching and meditation. The last four days will involve yoga exercises in the morning and evening. Relax, strengthen, center, and empower yourself.

• Awareness exercises will free your mind and body to discover your uniqueness.

Climbing and hiking areas are near San Rafael Swell and Goblin State Park.

Delicious, healthy food at each meal.
• Instructional booklet, journal and creative materials.
• Professional instruction and guidance for all activities.
• Rental canyoneering, climbing, camping equipment

* Transportation to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport is extra.


..$2195.00 per person (8-days with campout/meals)
..$1750.00 per person (6-days with campout/meals)

..See Schedule Below

..Class Size
..Minimum 2 - Maximum 6 per Instructor

..Discounts .
REI Members $100 Off
.Bring-A-Friend $50 Off (each friend)

..Ages .
18 and Up

..Equipment .
Included - rental rock shoes, harness, camping equipment*, meals*, etc.) .
..Bring your yoga mat or rent for $10!
..*all inclusive includes all rental climbing, camping equipment and meals

..Location .
Near Hanksille, Utah and the Escalante.

..Times .
8:00 am - Summer / 8:30 am - Fall /Winter/Spring

..Prerequisites .
Little or no rock climbing experience

..Course Info
..Pre-Course Info will be emailed to participant upon course sign-up

...recommended reading for the course above:
... Aware of the Mountain: Mountaineeering as Yoga by Gil Parker


..mbs - renewal – 24 - 31


..mbs - renewal – 16 - 23


..mbs - renewal – 20 - 27


..mbs - renewal – 20 - 27


..mbs - renewal – 28 - April 4


..mbs - renewal – 10 - 17


..mbs - renewal – 16 - 23


..mbs - renewal – 26 -31


..mbs - renewal – 16 - 23


..mbs - renewal – 18 - 23


..mbs - renewal – 18 - 25


..mbs - renewal – n/a

To sign up for a Workshop call or email us to check availability. If a course is open click on the On-line Application Form or go to our application and map (meeting point) site, print out both the Application (PDF), Map and Waiver. Fill out the application and fax or mail it to us (don't fax the waiver, just bring it the day of your course).

Note: September thru May Workshops start at 8:00 a.m. at the designated pick-up point. Call us the day before your course starts to verify. Bring your own snacks, lunch, water, sunblock and wear appropriate clothing. Camera (disposable), writing pad and pen are recommended.

Although we spare no effort to assure a safe program, we can assume no responsibility for your safety or loss of personal equipment. In a sport of this nature an element of risk is inherent and beyond human control. A signed release (waiver) will be required of all participants. A parent or guardian release is required for students under the age of 18. These can be obtained in advance by contacting our office or downloading from our website.

Our select staff are certified outdoor guides and have received extensive training from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Outward Bound Wilderness (OBW). the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA), Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI), Climb Smart! and Leave No Trace (LNT) or are members and partners of the American Alpine Club, Arizona Mountain Group Association, American Safe Climbing Association, Access Fund and follow strict procedural guidelines and safety protocols set by these institutes and by the Arizona Climbing and Adventure School (ACAS).

Arizona Climbing and Adventure School is a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the spirit, courage and exploration of the Southwest. It is an initiation into the unexpected, a chance to accomplish something very exciting and to discover strengths you never knew you had. Additionally, the Arizona Climbing and Adventure School provides education in wilderness skills and working effectively with others.

To achieve a high learning curve among our students we keep our groups small in size. We consider the impact on the safety and flexibility of the group above all. Everyone knows that large groups and large student-to-instructor ratios are what make money for a guide service. But we feel that groups and ratios compromise the safety, enjoyment and success of individual participants. Better for you and better for us.

Having smaller groups also means you receive more attention and guidance from our professionals when you need it the most.

The skills you must learn in order to safely and ecologically negotiate the terrain, climate and altitude in which our courses are offered include:

• safety skills for travel through rigorous terrain.

• how to pack a backpack.

• physical fitness

• competence with map and compass, gps, route selection, navigation.

• rope use and knot tying, bowline, water knot, square knot, clove hitch, half hitch, figure eight

• basic first aid so that every student can handle reasonable emergencies and recognizes and aid in treating illness related to altitude, hypothermia, fatigue.

• rescue preparedness

• rock climbing, belaying, backpacking, canyoneering, rappelling, anchors.

• campcraft including minimum impact camping, ecological considerations, wilderness cooking, food selection and nutrition.

• water purification, hygiene and sanitation.

• care of equipment, ropes, clothing, packs, etc.

• environmental stewardship and Leave No Trace (LNT) techniques.

• safety from storms, flash floods and lightning.